Deciding that you want to end your marriage and opt for a divorce is easy for none. There is so much emotional turmoil that you, your partner, and your families have to go through.

In such a situation, trying to handle the divorce case on your own will not be a good idea. There will be many instances when you will need proper guidance, suggestions, and need to know about your legal rights before taking any actions, and only a divorce lawyer will be able to help you.

After you have shortlisted a few professionals you need to ask some questions to be sure if he/she is the right choice for your case. If you are wondering what questions to ask a divorce lawyer, then continue reading and discover your answer.

There are 4 important things  that you should ask before hiring a divorce lawyer.

1. For how long they have practiced divorce law?

Experience always helps. If your lawyer knows the local rules, the judges, and the opposing attorneys then this can prove beneficial. Having enough trial experience is also very advantageous and so is the knowledge of drafting and negotiating pleadings, court orders, and separation agreements.

It does not mean you should not consider any new attorneys. New law school graduates have a great and fresh understanding of the law and latest technology, have lots of energy, and also will prove to be less expensive than the experienced ones.

2. How many similar cases have they taken to trial?

Handling a divorce case is different than taking a case to trial. Usually, cases settle and a good attorney knows how to settle things outside the court with their expertise. There are also some lawyers who are quite hesitant to take cases to trial.

You may be quiet sure that your case is going to settle, yet you should opt for a divorce attorney who knows how to negotiate and also has good trial experience. You should not opt for someone who moves every single case to court either as that shows they are probably unreasonable, or may only be interested in taking extra fees. Nonetheless, knowledge of handling trials is important.

3. What are their fees?

Do not expect to be quoted an exact fee. Family law cases are different, and different clients have different requirements. Someone who needs more legal services and guidance will have to pay more than those clients with fewer requirements.

However, an experienced attorney will be able to give you an estimate of how much cases like yours may cost.

4. What is the best path to achieve your goals?

Good divorce attorneys with experience will share with you a process that they follow usually in divorce cases. Certain cases only need separation agreement with property settlement. Still, it will be good to learn about all the possibilities.

Depending on your goals and case, your attorney will let you know about the step-by-step procedure of gathering information, negotiation, post-filing negotiation, litigation (if required), trial preparation and execution (if required).

To Conclude:

While asking these questions carefully observe how the attorneys answer your questions. Together with looking for a satisfying answer you should make sure he/she is interested in your case, your queries, and answers all of them without getting irritated even slightly. If all seems okay, you can sign a contract and hire that divorce lawyer for your case.

If you have children, you should know how divorce affects children, and think carefully after speaking to your divorce lawyer.