If you are considering a divorce, there is a lot to think about. Something to consider is whether you can get a mutual consent divorce. A mutual consent divorce is the quickest type of divorce you can get.

As you explore your options with divorce, you might consider mutual consent divorce. Before deciding what type of divorce to get, you should do your research about your options.

How to Get a Mutual Consent Divorce?

What is a Mutual Consent Divorce?

Mutual consent divorce is where both parties are in agreement of the divorce. Both parties have to be on the same page as far as wanting a divorce. If one of the parties is not in agreement, you cannot get a mutual consent divorce.

Even if you start by filing for a contested divorce, it can change to a mutual constent divorce.

Mutual consent divorce is a quicker, less painful alternative to other types of divorce. It is less complicated because the two parties are already on the same page. They can often make their own decisions about important matters, such as property and child custody.

What is Required in Order to Get a Mutual Consent Divorce?

In order to get a mutual consent divorce, you must live separately from your spouse for one year. This shows that you are no longer committed to being with each other. It also shows that you are unable to reconcile your differences. In many cases, spouses will work to reconcile their differences before living separately.

It is important to note that you and your spouse may live separately while still living in the same house. You might sleep in separate rooms and not act like husband and wife. Additionally, you should refrain from sexual acts at this time while you are living separately.

This is the one major requirement for getting a mutual consent divorce. You may live separately in the same home or in separate houses. This must last for one year or longer.

How Long Does a Mutual Consent Divorce Take?

The time that a mutual consent divorce takes varies. This is true of all types of divorces. Divorces can be long and drawn-out, depending on the circumstances.

Because of this, some mutual consent divorces will take six months while others will take a couple of years. It varies by the speed of the process. There is a lot to cover as you go through a divorce, which is why it can take so long.

How Does a Mutual Divorce Work?

There is a specific process that must be followed if you are getting a mutual divorce. The steps are as follows.

  1. File for divorce, this is a necessary first step.
  2. You must fill out an application in order to file for divorce.
  3. You need to list the reason for your divorce as well as other general information.
  4. You will both need to sign the divorce application and get the document notarized.
  5. Set up a hearing, the hearing is another important step in getting a divorce. The court receives your application and then decides whether to accept it.
  6. Once the court accepts the application, a hearing is scheduled. This is when both parties appear in court. Both parties are then questioned.
  7. At the end of the hearing, the court decides whether to discuss other matters, including child custody.
  8. Next, the court must pass an order. At this time, child custody and other instructions are given.
  9. At a final date, the final orders are given and are to be followed. All of the factors are decided at the final date.

If you are needing to get a mutual consent divorce or a divorce of any type, call a professional lawyer. A professional divorce lawyer in Singapore can help you by giving you advice and guiding you in the right direction.